933 Fell St., Baltimore, MD 21231
(We also have an entrance at 918 1/2 S. Wolfe St., across Union Wharf Apartments)



  • Monday
  • 7am-1pm

  • Tuesday
  • 7am-1pm

  • Wednesday
  • 9am-6pm

  • Thursday
  • 9am-6pm

  • Friday
  • 9am-6pm

  • Saturday
  • 9am-6pm

  • Sunday
  • 9am-5pm


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Buyers beware: Standing in front of the display case can be deeply disorienting just as you think you've made up your mind and settled on something, you'll change it again.

With bright colors,
darling shapes and sleek finishes,
the pastries at the Fells Point bakery are almost too pretty to eat. Almost.

I left an audible sigh of relief as I munched on my second bite and after leaving the store, repeated this, devouring three more of the magical macarons.

(443) 873-0020

933 Fell St. Baltimore, MD 21231